Has the economy hit the corner?

22 07 2009

Takes a long time to turn around a big freighter… But it looks like we’re nearing the corner.  Let’s look around:

Signs of  Economic Recovery Push Markets HigherMajor US stock indices rose Monday after a key gauge of US economic performance rose for the third straight month, signaling that the country’s worst recession in 70 years may be easing.

US Federal Reserve Chief Sees Signs of Economic Recovery
The chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve, the nation’s central bank, says there are signs that the world’s largest economy is starting to stabilize…

Nikkei adds 1.8 pct, economic recovery hopes revive – Japan’s Nikkei stock average jumped 1.8 percent on Tuesday, buoyed by revived hopes for an economic recovery in the United States…

Recovery Slow and Steady – A full economic recovery may be slow to materialize, but the administration’s stimulus plan is working and the economy has stabilized over the past few months…

Just a few recent articles.  Let’s now look at the stock market.  There’s a 600 point rise in the Dow since inauguration day – with this including the effects of the about 1100 point drop that happened in the first two months as the economy kept crashing down.

There’s still a lot of pain in the streets, but the early returns are favorable.




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