Obama to Copenhagen… Good sign?

28 09 2009

nullSo, I’m reading that after spending the past couple weeks keeping his options open, President Obama has decided to go and join the delegation from Chicago in making Chicago’s “final pitch” for the 2016 Olympics.  It’s been my thought that the only way this would happen is if there was good intel that Chicago was going to be selected above Rio, which seems to be the only city really in the running with Chicago.

My thought is this:  Why would Obama’s handlers send him overseas for an effort that would possibly blow up in his face if another city is selected over Chicago?  One big bit of “cache'” he has in international relations is his popularity and respect overseas.  Why risk this being tarnished by being tagged with an unsuccessful effort?

Anyway, it’s now out there that he’s going with the Chicago delegation, rather than just sending the First Lady.  I see this as a sign that Chicago’s going to be selected.  Am I right?  We’ll see on Friday I guess…




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