Obama, the Right, Olympics and the Nobel Prize

10 10 2009

So, I’ve enjoyed watching the debate about Obama’s Nobel prize.  The Right have now followed their joy at the United States losing out on the Olympics with anger at the thought of an American President being held in such high esteem in the international realm.  True, the award can be seen as based on Obama’s ideas, rather than his accomplishments to date.  It can also be seen as a slap at Dubya. Bush was reviled by the world for his cowboy diplomacy, Iraq war and snubbing of environmental issues. Moreover, Obama has yet to really rack up much in the way of concrete accomplishments.  So there is reason to ask “why now?”

But why the outright anger at Obama?  Why is the Right wing so angry at an American President winning such a major award?  When all Obama did was wake up to find out he won an award he didn’t ask for.  I’m surprised that after all the energy expressed cheering at America losing out on the Olympics, the Right has enough strength left to get so pissed at this news!

I suppose I could be pithy and use the old line I’ve head from the Right and ask “why they hate America so much?”  But I won’t, as I recognize they don’t hate America, they hate Obama.  So where is this bitter hatred for Obama getting them?  Will the Right be able to rise up and take back control?  Or are they getting themselves into a tizzy for nothing?  Running like crazy and going nowhere?

True, the Right is fired up like I’ve not seen it before.  At least that’s what we see on the Internet and Fox News, but at some point the Republican party is going to have to offer “something” – some sort of plan – other than an agenda limited to stopping Obama. Still, it does seem that Obama’s been as good at energizing the right as Dubya was for the left.

Still, the fight is not about the energy in the Right or the Left – it’s about how the middle (where I sit, perhaps just a bit on the left) sees things. Here’s where ideas I’ve seen of the great “uprising” of the right (my term – I’m paraphrasing), seem to fall apart in my mind.  So where are we?

In this respect, I don’t know if I’m ready to predict a public option will be passed on health care, but there seems to be no doubt that major health care legislation is going to pass, and soon. Over 60% favor it – meaning a large section of the middle of the road accepts the general need for broad reform of health care and will see its passage as a major accomplishment when passed – even if we’re still questioning the details at this point.

Also, while there have been delays in things done like closing Guantanamo and getting out of Iraq, these things are going to happen. Add that Iran seems to be moderating and Obama’s leveraged the Russians to support pressure on Iran with the missile defense movements, there’s potential at least to rein in Iran’s nuclear ambitions to energy purposes. Another possible future accomplishment for Obama.

Afghanistan seems like a mess, but again its an inherited mess that people understand is not Obama’s making. Add that the economy has made a major recovery – however jobless the recovery has been so far – and there’s evidence that things are turning “for the better.”

Will all of these dominoes fall? Will Obama start racking up the accomplishments he’s been aiming for and were the pillars of election? Remains to be seen. However, I believe they’re now set up in line.  Recent polling suggests that Obama’s ratings are rising again, as progress on all these fronts builds and the Right continues to only offer obstruction.

Unless the Right starts coming up with something positive, rather than working solely to stop Obama’s platform – they’re going to end up with nothing to show for the last 6+ months of angry, and ultimately empty, rhetoric. While Obama starts to rack up “W’s” (pardon the pun) to sell to the middle, the right’s going to be marginalized as the party of Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and her death panels, Rush, rude idiots like Joe Wilson, and rhetoric that doesn’t sell in the middle.  Seriously, what else have they offered to pull the middle their way?

I’m willing to concede that rational thinkers should agree that the returns are not in and Obama deserves an “incomplete” grade at this point, but we’re talking about what we’re going to see when we look back in hindsight when final grades come in.  With that, I see the stage set for some major political victories by Obama that will be seen as occurring despite nothing but obstruction from the Right. The Right needs to start offering something other than hatred of Obama, or they’re going to get plowed under.

But then, that’s just my opinion. Your mileage may vary.




One response

10 10 2009
P. Wall

I see and understand your anger. but given your view of the “middle”, at what point will you call out the anger on the left? Ala Oberman. You consistently demonize the right, but never call to the carpet the poison on the left.

As to the Right, they are -34 in the house and -10 in the senate, so why do they get demonized for Obama not yet passing anything. How can we be the party of NO when the the party of yes, cant get anything passed.

For 9 months, you have had filibuster (almost, always within 2 seats) in both houses.

I mean, I will admit that some on our side possses an ability to poison the debate, but at some points, isnt it bigger than that, that maybe the right, and center, maybe arent behind the idea. Maybe at some point, its the idea, and not the man.

I guess i get confused, for 8 years, when someone criticized the president, it was patroitic, but now, if i critizicze his ideas, not him, which i believe ive been consistent in doing, im a racist or a nutjob.

As to the death panels, that was a simple win for Palin. debate rule plain and simple will tell you that if you get your opponent (obama) to use your characterization of the word, (death panels) the point is in your favor. I’m not saying its right or wrong, but simply a fact. the bigger issue is out there, but the fact that he felt enough to mention it, says that he saw public opinion on it.

the right has offered bills on regulation, offered bills on health care, and attempted to offer bills on a lot of other things, but as said above, the minority party cant get them to the floor. Which is ironic, considering Madame speaker said in 01/09, that “we will allow debate on anythign on any bill”. guess that isnt a two way street.

As always, I enjoy the debate, and hope that i have made some measured comments.


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