Bad Move – Mark Kirk Palinizes Himself

4 11 2009

Clout St: Senate candidate Mark Kirk sought Sarah Palin’s backing when she’s in town to appear on ‘Oprah Winfrey Show’.

Oooh… I don’t see this going over well for Mark Kirk.

After what Palin did in New York’s race in the 23rd (basically sticking her nose in and derailing the moderate Republican candidate’s efforts), and the general wariness in Illinois to far right conservative Republicans, Kirk was better to leave Palin out of his race.

Now, by his own doing, he’s given Giannoulias a tag line to frame Kirk’s move to the right.  Kirk stays moderate – or at least appears to remain where he’s been in the past – I think he wins Illinois.  That said, he runs to the fringe right, and the seat stays Democratic – even despite everything Illinois Dems have done to lose the seat (makes coffing noise that sounds like “Blago! Blago!”)




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