Homeowner’s Associations Strike Again – Col. Barfoot and his flag.

5 12 2009


So this elderly Medal of Honor winning Vet wants to fly a flag, and the HOA gets a lawyer involved?  Come on people, have some common sense!

What’s the worst that can happen if you allow him to bend the rules a bit and have his flag pole – your neighborhood will have some extra American flags flying?

Is this the type of threat that requires you to “lawyer up”?

Here’s my take on Home Owner and Condo Associations as a lawyer:

I love them.

They are a great source of business.

Somehow, being in a HOA makes people very litigious.

Somehow, being on an HOA Board turns nice people into complete loons.

They are a good reason why my kids will go to college.

I would never, ever (shoot me dead if I ever suggested it) live in any situation where my neighbors have access to rules and a board made up of other neighbors available to them with which to mess with my life.




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