If The Dems Don’t Censure or Expel Lieberman Now…

15 12 2009

… then they honestly deserve the ass-licking they’re going to get in the mid-term elections when the Liberal base decides to stay at home completely uninspired by a weak health care reform package.

Sen. Joseph Lieberman’s abrupt announcement that he will sink the health-care bill if it includes a provision to expand Medicare has spurred a torrent of angry recriminations from Democrats — and confusion among those trying to divine his motives.

A big issue is all the contradictions. The Connecticut Independent has for years been an ardent champion of the provision he now opposes.


There is no absolutely no doubt that the “I” in Lieberman’s title – e.g. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) – stands for “Insurance.”  He is bought and paid for and in the industry’s pocket.  If the Dems continue to allow him to hold leadership posts and caucus with them, well then they have coming what’s headed their way.




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