Why Cheney’s Really Upset At the KSM Trial

1 01 2010

So, many Right winger’s are pissed that Kalid Sheik Mohammed is going to be tried in a New York Federal Court – rather than in some off-limits Military Tribunal or, better yet, just never tried at all and kept in a small cell in Guantanamo.  Chief among the critics has been Dick Cheney, bloviating on how Obama doesn’t understand we are at war and all that (look it up, he’s been all over that before and since the Underwear Bomber tried to take down the plane in Detroit), well, now we’re starting to see why Cheney is so opposed to the idea of our court processes and civil rights being applied to KSM:

For those too busy to watch the video, I’ll sum it up: Mounting evidence is building that Bush and Cheney – and particular Cheney and Rumsfeld – improperly ordered waterboarding and torture of detainees in order to try to justify the war on Iraq and their belief of some connection between Iraq and al Quaida.  Indeed, this torture was ordered even though the long-discredited John Yoo Justice Department legal memo authorizing torture was only based on the idea that torture could be sanctioned on the belief that it would prevent imminent attack.  So, in the rush to justify their rush to war, Cheney even went beyond the authority provided by the Justice Department.

Doing things like torture without legal justification is a big thing.  It’s a criminal thing.  So far, it looks like Cheney and the gang are not going to be prosecuted for this possible criminal thing – something that always seems to percolate up to the surface to those who are paying attention. So, it seems the true context of Cheney’s opposition to letting KSM have his day in court – where his attorneys can cross-examine and highlight the treatment their client received – is not that Obama does not understand that we are at war, rather it is that Cheney does not want us to understand what he did in a completely failed effort to justify why we went to war in the first place.

Seems to me that, rather than being a hypocritical and constant irritant and critic of Obama, Cheney really should be thanking his lucky stars that Obama has withheld mounting cries that Cheney be tried as a war criminal.




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