Government Soccer?

23 01 2010
"Best Buy" - seems so appropriate

"Best Buy"? Seems Appropriate.

Disclaimer: I haven’t had a chance yet to read the Supreme Court’s Citizens United case yet – holding that corporations enjoy First Amendment rights, such that campaign laws limiting political contributions from corporations are now unconstitutional.  But the gist I get from the media coverage I’ve seen so far is troubling.  Politicians are already too beholden to money and spend too much time courting contributions as it is.

Now corporations are going to be unleashed to support anyone they want for as much as they want?  Seems absolutely corrupting to me.

I’m worried that future choices will be from among a selection of corporate sell-outs, both in future local and, especially, in national elections.  Whatever they’re saying, corporate money and backing will direct their voting.

So in our new political world, how does a lonely voter decide?   How can voters determine if corporate sell-out candidate #1 is better than corporate sell-out candidate #2?

Well, since their corporate sponsors probably will be the best bellwether of their future voting, how about we require candidates to wear the labels of their corporate sponsors on their suit coats, ala soccer teams?

I can see it now:

Corporate sell-out candidate #1?  Hey, he’s got Haliburton on his chest!  Drill baby drill!  He’s my guy!

Corporate sell-out candidate #2?  Supported by the Teamsters?  Pinko Commie!




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