Republican Abstience (means others should not have sex)

18 05 2010

Seriously, come on you guys!

Here I’m trying to avoid blogging about Right wing hypocrisy, and you throw this nugget of deliciousness out there!  A Repub Congress critter resigns due to a sex scandal with his married aide, then it turns out they did a video discussing said Congress critter’s advocacy of abstinence teaching in schools?

Come on… You’re baiting me, right?


More Right Wingnuttery…

7 05 2010

So, what is a good indicator that an idea is insane?  How about when an idea circles around and threatens to bite the proponents of an idea and their supporters right on the keister?

So here’s the set up.  John McCain (R – Aryanzona) and Joe Lieberman (R/D – Insurance Industry) are all up in arms about the failed Times Square bombing attempt this past week.

Ignoring that the prior administration successfully prosecuted over 800 defendants of terrorism related charges via the criminal justice system and that the military tribunal route has proven a colossal failure, they now are advocating that the Obama administration’s Justice Department  should be criticized for Mirandizing the failed bomber/idiot – even though he’s an American citizen.

Forgetting for the moment that that is an immediate way for said failed bomber/idiot to beat the rap and be put back on the streets the moment any judge gets a hold on the case, Lieberman has even gone so far as to proclaim that we should be yanking the citizenship of people implicated in terrorist plots or acts – before there’s even a court finding of guilt!

But here’s where it gets real good.  So, under McCain/Lieberman’s plan (just think, if it were not for the GOP jamming half-term Governor Sassy Moosemeat on McCain as a running mate, this could be our current President and VP) it would be the Department of State that would be vested with the power to unilaterally yank the citizenship of someone deemed unamerican or a threat to our fragile democracy.

Here’s where I have to stifle the guffaws…

The Department of State is currently headed by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Yes, Hillary – there’s a vast right-wing conspiracy – Clinton.

OK, McCain and Lieberman.  I’m on board with your ideas. Let’s do this!

Let’s give the Secretary of State the power to declare people unamerican and yank their citizenship, without even a Miranda warning.  Great idea!

I can see it now, Hillary Clinton vested with the power to decide which American citizens deserve to remain citizens, without even having to go through the crazy thing we call the judicial system and ignoring the crazy idea of presuming people are innocent and all of that crazy liberal civil rights stuff.

Let’s see how that works for you and the lunatic-fringe right-wing Tea Party base you’re pandering to.  This would be great!