What I Did This Summer

31 07 2010

Or, my lame explanation for no posts in so long…

So, for the few who care and bothered to ask (and, yes, I am touched that you’ve bothered to write/ask why I’ve stopped posting for so long), I really don’t have any interesting reason for why I stopped blogging.  No “I’ve been sailing around the world” or “I was in the jungles of Lower Malaria rendering aid” type stories.  Nothing that will make you say, ” I can see why he’s not been posting – but, wow, I really think he’s all that and a bag of chips right now.”  Nope, nothing anywhere near as glorious a reason…

Rather, I’ve just been dealing with a lot of what I can only call “crap.”  We had a child in the hospital with a serious surgery (went great and all seems to have gone well – but was really a scare), we continue to deal with some serious aging issues with my parents (the cocktail of Alzheimers and cancer is a really nasty concoction), I have a firm struggling to make it in a completely shitty economy and I’m just jumping from one problem to the next.

Really, my life just seems to be a really annoying game of “whack a mole” right now, as it seems just as I solve or deal with one problem or crisis, another crisis pops up its annoying little head and needs to be dealt with.  In the end, I’m too tired at the end of the day to be “clever” – or as clever as I allow myself to think I’m being in order to allow my inner thoughts to be published on this blog.

Add to the life issues, I’ve just generally got “burned out” on politics, which seems to be the one thing that draws me to the keyboard regularly. It seems that, no matter what I and many others post, the Tea Baggers and their captive Republican Party continue their decline into the netherworld of crazy and Obama and the Dems really aren’t doing anything worthwhile (seriously?  The View?) to call them on it.  Just a bunch of mudslinging going on and no traction gained by either side.  So part of me, probably directly connected to the exhaustion following from all the “life issues” above, just figures “why bother?”

So, what does this mean for the future?  I really don’t know.  Will I continue to blog?  Maybe, perhaps from time to time I’ll see something great or ridiculous that calls for my comment.  In the coming weeks I’m heading out on my annual motorcycle ride and then we have the kids’ camp in Wisconsin – barring more life issues popping up and demanding mole wacking –  so time will be tough to carve out.  We’ll see.

Anyway, for those that asked, that’s what I got.  Nothing really interesting, just life and the withering energy level of a tired guy trying to keep family, work and life together.  That said, I appreciate the inquiries.  Glad to know there’s people out there following this little portal into me.




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